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1. Focus on Asia – With a single-minded focus on sourcing and services across Asia, we have built in depth expertise, experiences and processes based on proven knowledge in the region that we operate in. This put us in a unique position as the partner of choice for your sourcing and requirement in Asia countries.

2. Proven Processes and Parts Logistics - As a major regional player, our operation is founded on time proven processes. We have knowledge and ability to ship equipment and parts across many different countries across Asia, including China.

3. Excellent track record - Our team has many years of track record in the business. We have numerous customers that relied on our services to deliver products and services across Asia.

4. Single Point of Contact – Little Cherry supports a wide range of heterogeneous platforms. We provide you a single point of contact for problem escalation, thus simplifying the complexity of your services to your requirements.

5. Cost effectiveness – Little Cherry’s flexible and innovative approach allows us to lower costs while offering customized solutions that are most cost-effective to our clients.