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After choosing the best-of-breed hardware to run your business you would like to exploit the advanced functionalities provided by the new infrastructure.

At times you may also have to relocate some equipment to certain location in Asia Pacific or to consolidate your operation to take advantage of a new data center facility. However, all these require knowledge about custom clearnance and taxation that many organizations is not able to spare internally, hence Little Cherry professional services.

We help you to achieve greater efficiency and flexibility in running your globalised IT operations. Our specialists will get your equipment shipped across the region, up and running with minimum disruption and hassle to you.

Little Cherry can help you to reduce cost through improved resources optimisation, while enabling your organization to respond quickly to changes in business demand and exceed service level requirements.

Our services include:
• Shipping of equipment to different countries in Asia
• Geographical coverage includes China, India, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Japan and Singapore
• Placement of maintenance contracts to an appointed service provider

Our specialists keep a close watch over every step of your projects and ensure on time delivery as required by the project. Our knowledge in the processes ensures that the risk of delays and any disruption to your operations are kept to the minimum.